They Do Exist.

Our Team

Lauren Lankford Dubinsky is founder of Good Women Project. She also serves as the editor, web designer, and social media director. Her day job is a graphic designer for social media in the film and television industry. She writes frequently on her own blog and tweets way too much at @laurendubinsky. You can find her on Facebook too!

Lauren is crazy about furthering her epiphany that there is nothing truly inhibiting us from being the girl we DESPERATELY wish we could be. She also tries to share what she’s learned about grief, depression, daddy issues, and becoming secure in being a woman. She loves to talk about sex, dating, porn, marriage and anything that isn’t typical dinner conversation, including some pretty terrible dating anecdotes. Oh, and she’s a bit too passionate about her love for lingerie and having fun.

She is on a daily mission to make her life beautiful and speak truth in love. Adoring new wife of Max, they currently live in Hollywood with their kitten-child, Pixel.

* * *

Rachel Lincoln stumbled upon The Good Women Project through a series of clicks and was instantly captivated by its rawness, its honesty, and (of course) its pinkness. She started as a contributing writer for the Good Women Project, and now serves as the Mentoring Director, connecting women with other women through the Mentoring Program. She blogs, she tweets, she emails, and she spends way too much time on Facebook.

Rachel is a California-born 20-something with a love for the ocean breeze, chips and salsa, and diet coke — preferably at the same time. She has taken her fast-paced lifestyle and moved it to Dallas, Texas — all in the name of working with college students who seek to become big-dreamers and world-changers. She loves learning from people, and is passionate about the power of story and seeing good come from gross. Rachel is desperate for a cure to the “mean girl complex”, and believes that the Good Women Project is steadily searching for that cure. She loves to write about sex, love, singleness and relationships — and the joys and struggles of it all.

* * *

Megan Acheampong is our amazing intern! Meaning, she does everything the rest of us can’t – and is basically an organizational superwoman. She’s a 21-year-old vibrant Los Angeles native with a hint of east coast living and a dash of globetrotter. She has an affinity for traveling but always remains an indoorsy girl at heart. She is a firm believer that vulnerability can be a great element of strength and is supremely humbled by God’s incandescent, relentless love. Her zest for girl talk and her fervor for destigmatizing critical issues that so many women struggle through are a couple of reasons why Good Women Project is so dear to her.

Megan is currently studying at Georgetown University and is crazy about film music, calligraphy, home décor, speaking German, coffee shops, lipstick, and her all time favorite pastime – making people laugh themselves silly. She has a low-key obsession with checking her email and is a twitter novice with an expertise in rambling.

* * *

Sara McCann runs our Tumblr! She currently resides in New Port Richey, Florida and has a long-love for coffee, books, music, journaling, tea, elephants, yogurt covered anything, teaching, learning, new faces, World War II, and anything that is under the “cozy” category. Sara is a junior in high school, a dual enrolled student at a community college, and has studied martial arts for eight years. Yes, she’s a second degree black belt.

Writing is her passion and hopes to someday become a journalist. She has always had a love for the Good Women Project and an even bigger love for Jesus. At a young age, her plate is very full, but somehow is able to walk the paths God has laid out for her. She’s an old soul in a young body. You’ll most likely find her with her face in a book, sipping coffee, first in line for the newest, or oldest, films. Ask her about Disney or Mad Men and you’ll have a friend for life.

Sara tweets at @saraeelizabeth and you can find her own tumblr at The Roots Of Me.


* * *

Chelsey Chase is one of our two beauty bloggers! She’s currently located in a small oil town in Canada called Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. After a long debate, she decided to pack up her chihuahuas and leave everything she knew in Kelowna, BC, to spend time with her family on the family farm.

She has a long background working with MAC Cosmetics and had a four year stint working with Disney, but makeup calls her home again and again.

One thing Chelsey finds often is that women forget they are truly beautiful. Each and every one is made in God’s image and therefore each is beautiful. Sometimes they just need a little help seeing what they have, and if she can help even one woman see that? Mission accomplished. Chelsey tweets at @chelseychase and you can find our beauty column here!

* * *

Katie Holley is our Director of High School Community. She manages our weekend column for high school girls. She was first introduced to the Good Women Project when Lauren Skyped her with “this crazy idea for a website for women.” She’s been in love with the Project ever since! When she isn’t overspilling with crazy-love for our high school girls, she is a Creative living outside Atlanta [even though the dream is a farm in the middle of nowhere], producer at 12Stone Church, part-time photographer, designer, calligrapher … and anything else she can get her hands on.

Katie has a degree in classical piano performance from Brenau University, but would rather be behind the stage than on it. She’s the on-the-go-text-for-advice-in-the-middle-of-a-boundaries-crisis friend, and the home she shares with three other roommates is always full of people coming over to celebrate the arrival of Friday nights, or to hash life issues on the back porch.

She could completely exist on chips and salsa, and she’s passionate about living in the freedom that Jesus brings to a surrendered heart. She blogs at, tweets at @kholley783 and can be reached at katie[at]

* * *

Lindsay Cochrum is our resident grammar nerd and copy editor. When she’s not minding our p’s, q’s, commas and semicolons, she’s studying student affairs administration in higher education, which is a fancy way of saying she wants to serve college students while working at a university. Lindsay was born and raised in Texas before transplanting herself to Missouri to get a degree in magazine journalism. She’s back in Texas for graduate school and is loving her new life in the Brazos Valley.

Lindsay is passionate about college-age to 20-something women and the struggles they face in their personal lives and walks with God. She loves meeting with people over coffee, froyo, and long Skype sessions. She is also passionate about college freshmen, typography, the Muppets, felt-tip pens, calendars, cherry limeades, cats and being a 6-foot-tall ginger. She’s addicted to social media can be found on Twitter, her blog and Facebook.

* * *

Lisa Bottomley contributes as a resident copy editor, and works as a technical editor and branding content developer – with side passions as a serial entrepreneur who determined that Friday night is baking night. She studied at the University of Central Florida, with library books still left to return. After finding the Good Women Project through a friend’s Facebook post, she fell in love with its candid community and advocacy for deep, life-transforming relationships – how young women can feel less alone in their struggles by hearing their stories echoed in the project.

Lisa can be found at her local haunts of the thrift store, used book shop, or any pub with trivia nights, and her passions include reading Wikipedia articles and the ever-elusive quest to eat only one pistachio (she just eats ‘one’ repeatedly). She chronicles her thoughts on Facebook and would love to meet you..