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Snapshot of a Good Woman – By Meg Sonnenberg

Editor’s Note: I’ve decided to pepper the Good Women Project with snapshots of what a good woman looks like, as defined by our readers. Today’s snapshot was written by Meg Sonnenberg. She’s been a consistent flash of awesomeness in my life over the last few months, and one of the sweetest, most hardworking girls I know. She’s the Creative Director of 20 Best Twenty, runs a wedding planning business at 29 Peonies, Tumblr’s at Megsonn, & tweets at @megroso. Follow her, get to know her, and continue to surround yourself with good women. And thank you, Megan, for being both sugar and salt to me. Love you for that. – Lauren

She looks like you, and you, and you. She looks like that slightly frazzled girl in the mirror, when she knows she is going to be late getting out the door. But hey, it’s okay. We all know perfect hair days take some time.

A Good Woman, to me, looks like the greatest balancing act of all time. A little bit of spice, along with the sweetest intentions. A Good Woman is not the nicest, nor is she meanest. She is her best friend’s emergency phone call at 4 am, her mother’s life long shopping companion, and her husband’s number one fan. A Good Woman isn’t perfect, but she knows she is perfectly her.

A Good Woman makes mistakes, but that also means she tries. She gets knocked down, she doesn’t have the best luck all the time, she over analyzes things, she is a true mess of emotions, she is human. A Good Woman also knows that persistence pays off, that the worst people can tell her is ‘no’, that if you dream it, it honestly can happen, and that surrounding herself with optimism is key. She is goal oriented and independent. But she doesn’t mind company, oh no, she loves company.

A Good Woman loves a good man; she knows a good one when she sees him. She knows that giving is far greater than getting, that patience is exactly what she thought it would be: a virtue. And that the perfect relationship doesn’t exist, just the perfect balance. A Good Woman cherishes her friends, adores her family, and is smitten until old age by that certain someone she never could get enough of. She is young at heart and old fashion by nature.

A Good Woman celebrates life. She celebrates everything in it; the birthdays, the losses, the milestones, the setbacks, the whole journey. A Good Woman keeps God in her life. She turns to him, hides from him, runs to him, trusts in him. She knows anything is possible with him, because she is a reflection of him. A Good Woman relishes in all possibilities of life.

A Good Woman wears her confidence in her walk, in her tousled hair, in her witty jokes, in her glowing smile, in her gentle voice, in her feisty grin, in her positive energy. That is where you see her. There are pieces, moments, glimpses, windows, and fragments of a Good Woman in each of us. The sooner we recognize that, the sooner we are free to just be.

A Good Woman is in every woman..

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26 Responses

  1. Megan W

    I love this. I strive to be a "Good Woman" daily, but so often I view that as being as perfect as possible. I can fail to notice that the failures, struggles, and quirkiness I bring are also what make me Good.

    Imagine what amazing marriages, friendships, and confidence we might have if us women could find the Good Woman within ourselves.

    Thank you Meg for writing this post!

    March 15, 2011 at 8:05 pm

  2. Guest

    I just have to say – it's "old fashionED." I hate when people say "old fashion." There is an "-ed" at the end there.

    March 23, 2011 at 5:34 pm

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