They Do Exist.



Earlier this year, we surveyed more than 500 of our readers and found that nearly 40% do not have a woman in their life they can tell anything to. That means 40% of the girls in our community don’t have a friend they’ve talked to about rape, sex, dating, porn, an eating disorder, depression, abuse, family problems, and forever on.

We want to keep this simple.

Mentoring, for us, is finding a big sister, mother or best friend to answer the questions you don’t know who else to ask.

Life is not meant to be lived alone. Secrets are not meant to scar our hearts. Growth comes in the light, and death grows deeper in the silence. Yes, silence is deadly.

We know that ending a lifetime of silence can be earth shattering. But we also know that finding a woman to first speak those words to can be beyond intimidating. Sometimes impossible.

We know having someone to email with a question or to ask for prayer is something we all need to make it through life. But we also know that around 40% of girls don’t have this kind of friendship in their life.

We want to be the meeting place for this.


Our program is simple: To facilitate healthy, open one-on-one relationships among women in our community.

Every mentor/mentee relationship ends up looking different, because every woman is different.

We take time to carefully evaluate the Mentor and Mentee applications, and do our best to pair women who have experience with similar life events. We know it’s oh-so-important to talk to a woman who “gets it.” Then, we send you an email with your “match” – her first name, her email address – and we let the relationship grow organically from there.

Some of our matches simply email back and forth a couple times a month. Some develop full BFF relationships and text, Skype and Facebook every week. Most are somewhere in-between.


Do you need a mentor? Are you available to mentor? We’d love to help put you in touch with someone.

To volunteer to Mentor, please fill out our Mentor Form.

NOTE: Unfortunately at this time, we are no longer taking Mentee applications. We have too long of a waiting list for Mentors and will re-open when we have Mentors available. Thank you, and we are so sorry!

For additional questions, please send an email to Rachel, our Director of Mentoring, at

Note: Everything you share is completely confidential and will never be shared or published online. We do not provide counseling, therapy or licensed individuals as part of our mentoring program. We exist as a place of connection, woman to woman. We are not a replacement for professional assistance. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to gauge the health of the mentorship & to graciously remove yourself if you so feel necessary.

To Potential Mentors: As a mentor endorsed by Good Women Project, we ask that you agree with our Statement Of Faith – to promote unity, oneness, and understanding here. We have also published a Letter To Mentors that we ask you to read prior to being matched.

Community Map

We are currently working on building a list of women, churches and recovery/support groups based on location. Our mentoring is done primarily via online communication, but we want to give you assistance in finding a woman to sit down with. If you would like to be added to this list, please fill out the above Mentor form and make a note that you are comfortable meeting in person. If you would like to recommend a church or recovery group, please send an email to goodwomenproject[at]

If you are looking for someone to meet with in person, or a church/group to attend, please feel free to use the map below.

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