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Eyeliner Tutorial

Chelsey: Hello everyone! I guess today is the day I get to do my first entry, so be kind! I promise it’s gonna keep getting better. : ) So, eyeliner. It’s one of the tricky things that many of us become frustrated with, and decide, ‘today is not the day.’ Here are some tips to get your eyeliner rockin’!
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First: Choose your weapons.

I’ve chosen to show you a two ways to do it.

1. The ever trusty Blacktrack Fluidline from MAC with a #266 brush or 2. The ever lovely Stila Waterproof Eyeliner.

Two very different applications and finishes that will give a similar result. I also showed the #210 brush for you crazy ladies who happen to like the teeny tiny brushes that give you a precise application, but definitely take a little getting used to.


*Tip for Gel Liners of any kind: when using your gel liner, please don’t leave it open. This allows air to get into it and you’ll find it will vacuum itself into the center before you know it and become a big ‘ol chunk of solid product.


Second: Prepping your eyeliner.

I start my eye liner using Fluidline by taking a small sample out of the jar with the back of my brush and applying it to my hand. I actually do this in real life. A brush has never entered this product and for that reason, the product is not only sanitary, but hasn’t dried out in the least. It is open for approximately 10 seconds each time it is used. Take out enough product to assure you can do both eyes. Be sure to put product on both sides of your brush to get that nice sharp line you’re looking for.

To start with Stila……you take off the cap and shake.

Third: Begin Application

Start on the OUTSIDE of your eye. That’s right ladies, I said the outside. This will allow you more control over where that little flick out the side will go, and assure you blacktrack don’t continually build it up until you look like a terrifying Amy Winehouse. (I love me some Amy Winehouse liner!)

Put the line on your eye at the angle you want the liner to be. The great thing about starting it this way, is that is you’re able to take it off if you don’t like it or do it wrong – and you won’t have to wash your whole face.

Once your initial hit of liner is done, pull a second line towards your eye to show how thick you would like to make it. This gives you an easy area to be able to fill.

I then jump to the inner corner of the eye. You don’t have to do this, but it shows that I don’t have some magical skill that gives me a perfect line with the wind flowing through my hair and the liner flowing off of my brush as if it were made to be there.

Small precise placements of the brush will give you a perfect liner with half of the work and a quarter of the frustration.

Stila LinerThe Stila Eyeliner was used on the “Hard Hand” that everyone has.  Your less dominant.  You’ll see my hand looks like it’s not my own, but it’s that I’ve held the liner as you can see in the picture.  Again, this will have a learning curve or you may never like it, but it’s how I do this on myself.

I am also a huge fan of going back and doing little touchups.  Take heed in that, know when enough is enough because you can primp and prod all you’d like, there is a point when you have to admit to yourself that enough is enough.  And maybe next time it will be easier or more perfect.

I finally added a single coat of the light filter Haute and Naughty Mascara from MAC and a second coat using the heavy application filter.  Same mascara, two different applications.

You may also notice I have curled one side of my lashes and not the other.  It shows the difference in lashes between curling and not. May not be huge to some, but to me it’s a big deal.

MascaraFinished Product

*Mascara tip:  If your tricksy mascara decides to hit your eye or face where you don’t want it to, let it dry.

You heard me.  Let it dry.  It will then flick off with a q-tip without smearing across your face.

I know.  So easy.  Irritatingly easy.




Rhiannon’s Extra Tips: The most helpful tip I can offer is to practice. Even if you’re about to hop in the shower, practice putting some eyeliner on. I’m constantly perfecting my cat-eye liner since there are so many different ways to achieve the look, depending on what you’re going for! Often, my husband will come home from work and find me in sweats with cat-eye liner and falsies on because I’m practicing!
The next key tip: don’t try applying your liner in one long stroke across your entire lid. I find it easier to apply it small, straight lines. If you’re having trouble keeping your eyeliner from smudging, try a brand that is known for its staying-power and make sure you use eyeshadow primer on both your top and bottom eyelids.
Even if you’re very fair and have very light hair, you can pull off black liner! If you’re afraid it’ll look too harsh or dramatic, start off by creating a thin line and keeping the rest of your makeup simple and neutral. Don’t forget to wear black mascara with black liner!
My favorite black liner is the Lacquer Liner 24H L’Oreal Infallible in Blackest Black. This gel-like liner stays on ALL day. It even lasts longer than some of the higher end brands I’ve tried, which is why I use it on clients all the time. It dries to a matte finish, which hides glue from falsies really well! The brush that comes with this liner isn’t half bad, either. If you have difficulty using it try finding an angled liner brush.
My next favorite is Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Intense Black. This is a felt-tip liner that also has good staying power. Unlike the L’Oreal liner, this dries to more of a glossy finish. A drugstore equivalent to this high-end liner would be Wet ‘n’ Wild’s H2O Proof Liquid Liner in Ultra Black.
Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different techniques and products and be patient with yourself. I practice my eyeliner all the time and it still is the most time-consuming part of my makeup routine!

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  1. Woohoo! Maybe I'll finally figure out a good way to do my eyeliner with these tips. Those makeup tutorial videos on youtube always make it look so easy and it really is not (for me anyhow)!

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